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"Yes, baby?"

"Do you ever think of Ellie when you masturbate?"

"I never thought about Ellie sexually before I saw her in a bathing suit the time we were boating in Bermuda. Since then, the image occasionally comes to me when I have some, ah, private time." Jason subtlety tugged on the fabric of his boxers, unable to find more room under the tent.

"I remember that," Ellie's finger rested on her smiling lip. "We were sitting across from each other on the boat and I knew you were looking at me behind those sunglasses." Her other hand rested the top of her open thigh, finger caressing the flower under the red lace fabric. "You were trying to adjust your bathing suit so I wouldn't notice your boner."

"Caught red handed!" Jason's eyebrows rose as he laughed.

"What do you think of?" Anne's finger was moving in a slight circular motion below her mound, her eyes shifting back to me.

"I imagine Ellie taking off her bathing suit," Jason closed his eyes briefly as his fingertips brushed against the column in his shorts. "And letting me hold her breasts while she takes me in her mouth."

Ellie extended her finger, rolling her tongue around the tip. "Is this where you cum?"

"Oh my god, yes," Jason blushed, smiling to the ladies gay cartoon movies .

Ellie winked to Jason then glanced at me with a smile. "Chaz?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Do you ever think of Anne when you're alone with yourself?" Ellie's fingers lifted the top hem of her lingerie slipping under, allowing the skin of her fingertips to touch the bare ridge of her chalice.

"I do think of Anne occasionally. I remember our vacation in Florida and Anne was wearing a bikini and you had your one-piece while we built sandcastles on the beach. You guys were sitting on beach chairs catching rays. Your legs were open and I was fixated on your amazing figures. I had to go into the water to, um, cool off." I watched Anne's eyes wander to my straining shorts.

"Too bad there's no water for you to jump into now!" Ellie smiled as we laughed. "What do you think of Anne doing while you masturbate?" she encouraged,

"I think of Anne without her bikini, French kissing and licking my tip," I touched the fabric over my erection under Anne's gaze.

"While you're orgasming?" Anne asked, tilting her head back slightly and pressed her tongue to her lower lip.

"Especially while I'm orgasming," I smiled as her eyes met mine.

"I think it's time for you boys to kiss us," Ellie held her hand out to Jason.


Jason nestled closer to Ellie, sitting between her open legs, placing his arm next to her so he could lean towards her. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, her tongue at the edge as Jason's lips met hers. Her hand guided his to her bosom, his palm resting underneath her nipple, cupping her. She let out a breath as Jason's tongue lightly, almost imperceptibly, traced the outline of her lips before touching the tip of hers. Their lips pressed together gently as he tenderly caressed her breast.

I moved closer to Anne as she held out her hand to guide my hand to her chest. I caressed her soft skin as I leaned forward to give her a kiss. Her eyes closed as our lips met, slightly opening and closing around each other's. I stroked and brushed her breasts with my fingertips as we tasted each other's lips, tongues fondling. I cupped and squeezed her, feeling her soft curves and aroused nipples as our tongues played. She extended her arm to caress my shoulders and the side of my neck as I revered her body.

I heard Ellie moan softly as Jason fondled and kissed her breasts. His big bear hand encompassed one bosom while his tongue circled and stroked the other, his mouth open, gently pulling in her pink nipples and surrounding skin, stroking with his tongue. The glow of the fire glinted off of her breasts as he moved from one to the other. She arched her shoulders back as her arm lifted up to caress the back of his head and to press him harder to her chest. Jason's hand slowly moved from Ellie's breasts to her soft abdomen, his fingertips touching the top edge of her panties, her hips slightly rising to engage.

Anne let her head fall back as she pressed my shoulder, directing my attention to her bosom. I kissed her breast, moistening the area around her dark nipples with our entwined saliva. I kissed again with open lips on the soft underside; and again on her nipple and surrounding flesh. My hand cupped her as my tongue savored the small textures around her aroused nubbins with gentle kisses to the tips of each breast. She responded with a soft coo while her fingernails lightly tickled the back of my head.

Jason's broad hand caressed slowly from Ellie's tummy to the soft mound covered by her panties. His fingertips savored the sensation of delicate fabric covering her soft hair and supple skin. He lifted his lips from her breasts to admire her body, open thighs, and red lace. His fingertips gently brushed Ellie's inner thighs and edges of her lingerie. He lightly stroked and fondled between her open thighs as his fingers revered her flower's petals under the soft fabric. Jason gently rested his palm, cupping her womanhood; tenderly massaging her most sensitive spot with his fingertip as her hips slowly rose and fell. His lips resumed caressing her breasts and lightly closed on her aroused nipples.

My kisses worked their way from Anne's breasts to her tummy to her belly button. I gently ran my hand from the side of her breast to her waist and to her hip. I placed my other hand under her raised thigh, caressing her smooth skin until resting under her bottom, feeling the silky fabric of her panties with my palm and fingers. I nuzzled the satiny fabric covering her soft pubic hair with my nose and lips, brushing my cheek on her inner thigh, kissing between her open legs.

I caressed the edges of her mound with my lips, breathing in the scent rose and lavender. My lips moved to the center of the silky fabric, feeling the soft folds of her most private and sensitive anatomy underneath. My hand under her bottom lifted her slightly as the clefts and recesses of her womanhood received my soft, firm kisses and gentle nuzzles. I felt my hardness coalescing as I anticipated tasting her without the inhibitive fabric.

Ellie's fingernails glided from Jason's shoulder, down his arm, to where his hand was touching her. She gave a soft tap with her fingernail and whispered, "Here." She slightly lifted her hips and pulled the side of her lace toward her thigh. He assisted and gently drew down from the other side of her hip. She raised her leg as she swept off the light garment, tossing it into the air with whimsical abandon. Ellie let out a soft "Woo!" as her panties arched through the air and landed on a table lamp nearby, draping over the dimly lit shade.

"Ha-ha, Ellie," Anne laughed, "I know what's going on over there!"

Jason chimed in with his trademark soft evil laugh.

"Mm Hmmf," I responded, earning a giggle from Anne.

Jason resumed caressing Ellie's inner thigh, lingering next to the soft strawberry blonde hair of her now unencumbered womanhood. Her legs opened more to receive his ministrations. His eyes beamed upon the airy wispiness of her soft pubic hair, barely obscuring her flower and petals. Her alluring bloom shimmered with her nectar coalescing at the edges. His eyes traveled to her tummy and over her voluptuous breasts, meeting the gaze of her dreamy steel blue eyes. Her lips parted, her tongue extending, gently tracing the edges of her mouth, inviting him to her.

Ellie looked into Jason as her hand reached up behind his neck and guided his lips to hers. Their breaths combined as they lightly touched tongues. His fingertips caressed; index and pinkie tracing the groove of her thighs and mound, his two middle fingers gently tracing the ridges and recesses through her soft hair.

Their tongues played together as he repeated his delicate strokes, starting from the back of her open thighs and crease of her bottom, to the unfolding petals of her flower, and finishing gently caressing her sensitive blossom. Each caress would unfold a bit more than the last, releasing more of her nectar and lubricating the ensuing, passionate strokes.

"Me too," Anne whispered, giving a gentle tug to the elastic on the side of her waist. I obliged and lifted up so she could pull off the sheer undies. She held them up and, in the spirit of the evening, whimsically tossed them into the air with a gentle "Woo!" The light fabric floated in the air before gently landing next to a candy cane on the Christmas tree.

I placed my hands back under Anne's warm bottom and on her hip, savoring the sight of her bare, inviting chalice. I drank in the vision of her delicate dark hair, surrounding the petals and cleft of her lustrous, nectary flower. My hardness pressed against the fabric of my constraining boxers as my imagination of tasting her was becoming realized gay cam chat

I lowered my head to nuzzle her dark hair and brush the ridges of her petals with my lips and tongue. I gently pressed to her crest, touching her with the tip of my tongue, and whispered "Woo!" as her hand playfully tickled the back of my head with her fingernails. I gently nuzzled between her petals and kissed her, letting my tongue stroke the length of her recess, returning with a soft kiss to her crest. With her honey covering my lips and tongue, each caress was more immersed and each kiss more robust. The tip of my tongue reached into her channel, savoring the experience of her flow, at the source of her womanhood.

"That's the spot," she moaned softly, as I gently rocked her hips back and forth, making love to her with my tongue.

Ellie's lips closed on Jason's tongue as his hand cupped her honey-sown blossom, his middle finger resting inside of her, gently touching and caressing the deepest recess of her flower. Her hips arched up, muscles tightening as his touch firmed, then down as her muscles relaxed. She opened her lips and exhaled fully as Jason pulled away, affectionately kissing her breast, lingering to her tummy, nuzzling her belly button. His hands covered her hips and bottom as he pressed his lips to her dewy flower,.

Ellie caressed his shoulder and neck as he gently kissed between her petals and savored her nectar with his lips and tongue. His tongue pressed upward, toward her crest, finding her bloom. He circled, stroked up and down, and pressed the flat top of his tongue against her. Her breath rushed and her hips rose, pressing herself against him as she whispered "Oh..."

Anne's eyes were closed and her head rested back. Her hips gently rocked as she enjoyed the attention I was giving to her. She called, "Jason! Do the soft ice cream thing."

"Why, certainly my dearest!" Jason smiled at Anne's suggestion.

"Uh-oh Annie," Ellie retorted, "What's the soft..."

Jason's tongue swirled around Ellie's blossom, followed by a firm upward stroke. His saliva mixed with her nectar, slathering her sensitive crest. Her raised hips gyrated with his repeated motion at increasing tempos until his energy concentrated on her apex. Her back arched and her eyes closed, her face radiated a heavenly rapturous expression. Her mouth opened as she held her breath. Time stopped as she released.

"Oh, my god," Ellie breathed as her figure tensed. Her orgasm rippled through her core and emanated outward.

Jason stopped his movement and held his tongue to her crest, embracing her rigid hips and bottom with his burly arms. Ellie's nectar flowed over his lower lip and under his tongue. His visage emanated the exquisiteness of the event he was experiencing. He savored the ambrosia as he drank from her chalice.

Time eventually started again, letting Ellie drift back to the pillows, guided by Jason's steady hands. She exhaled, floating in space, the back of her wrist resting on her forehead. Jason gave one more affectionate kiss to her womanhood before picking up his towel, gracefully covering Ellie's hips and thighs, tenderly patting the fabric against her.

After catching her breath, Ellie called to me "Chaz, Do the motorcycle thing!"

"I'm on it, hon," I quietly, but enthusiastically, responded knowing Ellie wanted to share one of her favorite things with her best friend. And I was more than happy to help.

Anne laughed as I nuzzled the soft hair above her crest as I gently placed my lips on her bloom. I started with a soft rumbling "Brum brum brum"

"Oh no," Anne guffawed, "Ha-ha! Ellie!"

"You brought this on yourself, Annie." Ellie jested, "Don't make me have to do it again!"

I continued the rumbling "Brumbrumbrum" while increasing the pressure on her blossom, the effect magnified by my saliva mixed with her sweetness. I gently squeezed her and increased the throttle "Brrrrrrmrrmrm!"

Anne exclaimed, "Oh Jeez!" Her laughter filled the room.

I gave another squeeze with a throaty "Brummmm" as I ran my lips back and forth across her. My tongue flickered up and down with a "RMMMMM!" as I lifted her hips against me. Her muscles tightened with another deep rumble on her crown "Brmmmm." Her hips rocked as I nuzzled and stroked the length of her cleft with my nose, lips, and tongue. I encouraged her back and forth motion with my hands elevating and swaying her hips and bottom.

"Ahhh," Anne's laughter turned to a vocal swoon. "Oh my..." Her back arched as her motion peaked. I French kissed her nectar-soaked flower, gently pulling her viscous bloom in with my tongue, tenderly stroking and tickling before pressing resolutely. We stayed motionless during her orgasm; her sweet almandine honey enshrouded my mouth and chin. I gently coddled her bloom with my lips and tongue while holding her up in space.

Anne's muscles loosened as I lowered her back to the couch. She exhaled deeply and serenely as I kissed gently around her flower and under her blossom. I placed my towel neatly over her waist, gently creasing the soft fabric to her contours and resting my hand comfortingly on her thigh.


Ellie held her hand out to Jason, navigating him to kneel next to her. He hesitated pensively as her glowing eyes met his. Her gaze traveled down his chest and abdomen, resting on his boxer shorts. His anticipation was evident as his hardness pressed against the fabric similar to a small pup-tent. The small wet spot at the top of the tent revealed his pent-up fervency. She gestured, with a swirling finger and dramatic tossing motion, to remove his underwear. He slowly lowered his briefs, momentarily snagging on his erection, making him pop out, earning a quiet "Woo!" from Ellie.

Jason lowered himself to his knees as Ellie turned her head to face his staff. Her eyes radiated anticipation and desire as they took him in first. Her lips parted and he felt her breath upon him. Letting go of his hand, her fingernails tenderly caressed his inner thigh, over his bottom, and down his crease. She delicately caressed his shaft with her other hand, noticing a bead of pearl had collected at the opening of his tip. He felt her warm softness tenderly kissing his tip, the luxuriant silkiness of her mouth as she took him in. Her eyes closed as her lips edged over his ridges and slowly continued down his shaft. Her tongue played as she tasted the flavor of rose, lavender, and pearl.

Anne and I watched Ellie's hand caressing Jason's bottom and thighs from between his legs as he kneeled in front of her prone figure. We could see his hand holding her breast as he gently rocked his hips, Ellie's hand pressing his bottom towards her. I felt my erection reaching an impossible maximum as a result of watching my wife giving my best friend a blowjob.

Anne and I looked at each other in mock scandal, with brows furled and mouths agape. I raised my eyebrows and smiled as she laughed, mischievously gesturing me down next to her.

I stood up to shed my undies as I processed the picture of what was in front of me. A beautiful woman, a friend I've known for years, wife of my best friend, best friend of my wife, travel companion, the mother of my children's best friends; always off limits, never to be touched; lying down, bare breasted, with only a towel on her hips, beckoning for something I have only imagined.

Anne smiled up at me. The subtle mascara at the edges of her eyes and the sheen of peach gloss on her lips were enticingly wreathed by her golden brown hair. Her deep brown eyes shifted their focus to my boxers. She reached over and playfully tickled the apex where my tip strained against the fabric. It was a buzz from an electric feather, emanating from her fingernails, onto my crown, down my length, distributing to my body. Her hand fell, gently tugging down on my briefs. I felt dizzy with anticipation.

Anne focused on me as I pushed down the elastic around my waist. My thumbs moved forward and down, allowing my boxers to fall. She placed a hand behind me as I kneeled down, her fingernails touching my crease as she pressed against my bottom. Her other hand caressed the topside of my shaft as she gently guided me towards her opening lips. I felt her breath as her tongue reached to tickle under the crown and bottom of my shaft, gliding the length and back. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled glowingly, letting me think she had been waiting for this moment for years also. Her delicate lips pursed as she kissed, and kissed again. The quixotic sensation resonated through me as sounds from the crackling fireplace comingled with the gentle, wet sounds of her lips, tongue, and saliva.

I heard a quiet slurping noise as my heart skipped a beat.

"I heard that, Elle," Anne laughed.

Ellie released Jason from her mouth to answer. Holding him to her lips with her fingertips, she slid up and down his staff, replying with a hearty "Woo-hoo!"

"Wow," The sensation surprised Jason as Ellie took him back in. Her lips and tongue warmly engulfed him, slowly gliding down his shaft and back up, playfully kissing at the end of the stroke. He was becoming more rigid as she echoed the movement; each repetition a little more adventurous. Her fingertips caressed him as he gently rocked his hips.

I looked down at Anne as she tenderly kissed me, holding me to her lips with her fingertips as her other hand rested on my bottom. I felt her soft lips part as her tongue brushed under my length. Her eyes closed as her deep kisses culminated at my tip, letting me slip delicately between her affectionate lips.

She turned her head towards me as she enveloped me, sliding her lips and tongue down my shaft, cloaking me in her passionate warmth. Reversing her motion, she drew back and capped me with another amorous kiss before sliding my length over her lips and tongue. I watched her peach lip gloss blur as she took me in again. I rocked my hips as she continued her strokes and brushes.

Jason fondly admired Ellie as she looked up into his eyes. She finished a stroke of her lips with a smiling kiss and playfully whispered to him "You can fuck my mouth." His jaw dropped and his heart raced as an impossible fantasy was unfolding.

Ellie closed her eyes and rested her head on the couch pillow facing Jason. The glow of the fireplace danced on her light complexion, glinting off of her silky hair, and shimmering on her parted lips. She guided him with her fingertips as he gently rocked forward, entering her waiting mouth. Her tongue received him as her lips closed around him, shaping to his contour. He gently thrust as her lips slid down his staff.

Savoring the exquisite experience, he momentarily held still before slowly pulling back, feeling her warm, soft draw on his full erection. Jason rocked his hips and slowly thrust again, more expeditiously, exploring a little deeper. Ellie caressed his shaft with her lips while grazing his ridges with her tongue, inviting him in with a soft "Mm hmmm."This is some text inside of a div block.